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electrical fault with heater and extension lead

Faults can happen at any time of the year, day or night whether you are awake or at work. We always recommend that you have an EICR electrical inspection and test as well as your day to day checking of your electrical items that are plugged in and that are in use. EICR means electrical inspection condition report and looks at various different circuits at your fuse box to test as well as included a visual inspection and manual operation of switches and sockets. Our Wimbledon based electricians are Part P approved, meaning they are up to date with the current Building Regulations and they are BS 7671 18th edition qualified, the most recent regulations.

Some common faults are the RCD or RCBO circuit breaker trips and the home owner does not know why, because, commonly, this can happen at night while everyone is asleep. Generally, we find the breakers are doing their job, protecting your home from your fault that has occurred. In this circumstance never try to force the breaker up if it has gone down. Gently try to push it up, but if it does not want to go up, do not force it up. At this point you should be calling a qualified electrician, Part P approved to assist in finding a fault.

Another common electrical fault can occur when purchasing extension leads, because there aren't enough socket outlets in a room. This item becomes a permanent fixture instead of temporary; as a result many plugs are being plugged in, causing heat and fires to occur over a short to long term period. The above photograph illustrates the problem that has occurred with overloading of electrical appliances into an extension lead that was made permanent. Our recent visit to a property in Wimbledon demonstrates why this is never a good reason. On arrival we found that the electrics had not tripped and that there was strong burning smell of plastic in the property. If this had continued, while the customer had gone to bed, there may have inhaled these toxic fumes, which could have affected their breathing. This could have also started a fire, because of the location of the extension lead that was on a carpet. We removed all electrical items plugged into the extension lead, changed the plugs that were burned out and removed the extension lead. Customer was very pleased.

Our Wimbledon based electricians also find many other different kinds of faults from loose connections, bad DIY jobs, and improper electrical work being undertaken by people who are not qualified and do not have a full understanding of what they are installing. It is, therefore, very important to have all electrical jobs around the home carried out by a Part P approved electrician, for your peace of mind.


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