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Light Fitting, Installation and Repairs in Wimbledon

light fitting in wimbledon

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

Across Europe, all countries are moving towards LED lighting in all areas from horticultural premises to domestic and commercial environments. For comparison, in 2011 82% use was of halogen lighting with 18% LED usage; in 2015 there was 50% use of halogen lighting and 50% use of LED and this trend continues to increase. The benefits of LED lighting include savings of energy use of 85% or even more, depending on the wattage of the lights, reduction of heat emission (due to being a less concentrated source of heat) and subsequent burning, as well as increased life of the lamp itself by up to 10,000 hours. However, being relatively new in comparison to halogen, LED lights do not dim as well. This is set to change within the next five years due to the fast technology development in this area.

LED Technology is moving away from just providing lighting towards sustainable use of resources (energy efficiency: Phillips (2011) 10W replacing 60W, saving energy enough to light 17.4 million households) as well as reduction in CO2 emissions in horticultural systems utilizing LED lighting for fast growing crops.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting is outlawed by the EU on 1st September 2018 unless used for a specific purpose and are rapidly being phased out by all reputable wholesalers and DIY shops. The reason for this direction is to improve the energy efficiency of lamps without increasing the carbon emissions across the European countries. Traditional incandescent lamps serve their purpose but are now being superseded by the LED lamps. We would always strongly encourage our customers and the general public to pay that little bit extra to help the Ozone layer as well as to save on electricity bills.


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